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The Secret Trick to Making Your Lipstick Last

While some women manage to keep their lipstick perfectly intact all day…ours tends to migrate to our teeth, our blouse and basically everywhere else within minutes of applying. After some trial and error, we finally figured out how to lock down our lip color once and for all.

What you need: Your favorite lipstick, a powder blush in a similar shade (or as close as possible), tissues and a fluffy makeup brush.

What you do: Apply lipstick as you normally would. Then, take a tissue and separate it into two, thin sheets. Use one to blot your lips before applying a final coat of color. Next, place the unused sheet over your lips. Load your makeup brush with blush and lightly tap it over the tissue to finish. 

Why it works: The tissue acts as a filter so you don't get too much powder on your lips (or sticky lipstick on your brush) and the powder itself absorbs any excess moisture from the lipstick, which helps to set everything in place.

While you can also use a translucent powder to get the job done, it sometimes leaves a chalky cast behind—whereas blush has the same effect, but with a little bit of pigment. Bonus: It gives your lipsticks a nice matte finish.

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