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Getting your eyelashes just right every morning is no easy feat. You want them to be thick but not too thick (because then they look clumpy). You want them to be long but not too long (so they don't look spidery). And you want them to be curled but not crimped (because that just looks painful). Here, six quick tips to getting great lengths—without having to go to them.

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Apply Mascara from the Top
Skip multiple coats, which can get messy. Instead, run the wand over just the top side of your tips first. Then sweep on a second coat from base to tip as usual.

Heat Your Lash Curler
Zap it with your hair dryer for 15 seconds, and then curl your lashes as you normally would. The heat will bump up the volume—and deliver staying power, too.

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Use Your Wand Wisely
When you want to open your eyes up for a more youthful look, brush your lashes toward the inner corners of your eyes. If sultry is what you’re going for, work the brush outward. Same brush, two very different results.

Try False Lashes
Sure, they look intimidating in the box and you probably haven't worn a pair since prom, but once you get the hang of putting on false lashes, they can really make a difference. For the easiest (and most natural-looking) application, cut the full strip into thirds and only use what you need. Putting them too close to the inner corners can be irritating, so start at the center of your lashes—or just focus on the outer area for a fanned-out effect.

Get a Lift
An eyelash lift, that is. It’s essentially a lash tinting and semi-permanent perm rolled into one awesome service so you get darker, curled lashes for up to 8 to 12 weeks without ever having to touch a tube of mascara.

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Or Try Extensions
Though the cost of getting them is nothing to (ahem) bat an eye at, the weeks of waking up with lush, perfectly curled lashes might be worth it. One word of advice: Keep them away from water and you can easily get an extra week of wear out of those puppies.

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