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How to Make Your Blowout Last Through a Sweaty Summer Day
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

So the same blowout that lasts you a full week in the winter seems to puff up the second you step outside in the summer. But with a little bit of strategy, you can beat the heat for good. Here are six smooth moves to employ now.

Start in the shower
Stick to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that hydrate your hair so it doesn’t soak up any humidity from the air (which causes the shaft to swell).

Dry it at night
Even the tiniest bit of leftover moisture will cause strands to frizz up in the heat so make sure that it’s completely dry before heading out. That means your best bet is to wash and dry it at night and style it in the morning. 

Shield it
A light misting of hairspray from mid-lengths to ends will lock in sleek strands and add shine. Just look for alcohol-free formulas that do the job without any crunch.

Put a pin in it
If you anticipate being outdoors for a while, wrap your hair into a loose bun and secure it with a large U-shaped pin to keep humidity out--and your style intact.

Salvage sweaty strands
With a little help from your blow-dryer. Place it on a cool setting, then blast the air directly onto your roots and crown to flatten flyaways. 

Keep your hands off
Touching creates friction and friction leads to frizz. Fight the urge to run your fingers through your bouncy blowout to keep it that way longer. And if you’re a habitual hair-twirler, pin it up into the aforementioned bun to remove the temptation altogether.


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