3 Bobby Pin Tricks to Keep Those Suckers in Place

No more leaving a trail of beauty tools wherever you go

Oh, the humble bobby pin. It is quite possibly the most used--and misused--hair accessory of all time. And for good reason: It's cheap and it gets the job done (sometimes). If you find yourself using a gazillion pins to secure a simple twist or you find them everywhere but your head by the end of the night, you're not using them correctly. Here, three easy tricks to finally get a hold of things.

1. Coat pins first. Dole out a fine mist of dry shampoo or hair spray before sliding them in. The spray will give the pins--and thus, your hair--something extra to hold onto.

2. Insert pins wavy side down. The grooved ridges are designed to pick up hair, while the flat side locks it all into place (and looks prettier from the outside).

3. Crisscross them. This is especially helpful for those with fine hair. Do steps one and two, then finish up by inserting the pins one on top of another to really anchor everything in.