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This Genius Mascara Trick Will Banish Above-the-Eye Smudges for Good
David De Lossy/Getty Images

Somehow, no matter how careful you are, your mascara always seems to travel from your lashes to your eyelid…every…time. But we just discovered a helpful solution to make sure it stays in place. 

What you need: Your mascara and a free hand. 

What you do: After you apply a couple of coats, immediately place your index finger in the gap between your eyelid and eyebrow (aka the spot where your not-yet-dry eyelashes hit). Then bat your eyelashes a few times against your finger while your mascara sets.

Why it works: The excess product will come off on your finger--not your brow region. And by the time you’re done batting your lashes, your mascara will be dry, so you can go smudge-free throughout the day.

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