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The Genius Way to Tame Flyaway Hair

Flyaway hairs, fuzz, frizzy strands that stick straight up: They’re a pesky problem that many of us deal with during the winter, due to the dryness in the air. Over the years, we’ve tried a number of things to help smooth those stubborn strands down and found one trick that works the best.

What you need: A clean mascara spoolie and some hair gel.

What you do: Apply the tiniest dab of gel (no more than the tip of a ballpoint pen) to the spoolie and comb any stray hairs into place. Repeat as needed.

Why it works: A spoolie brush was made for grooming small hairs. Just as the densely-packed bristles comb through eyelashes and eyebrows, they’re able to reach the baby hairs around your part just as easily. Combined with the hold from the gel and you’ve got yourself some smooth, fuzz-free strands.

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