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The Easy Trick for More Natural-Looking Curls
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Whether you use a wand, curlers or an iron, chances are you’ve walked out of the house on occasion with hair that looks like you’re competing for the title of Miss Kentucky. Sure, those bouncy curls will fall after a couple hours, leaving you with the effortless tousle you originally wanted. But wouldn’t it be nice not to have to pull and tug at your strands just to achieve perfectly lived-in locks? We have an easy trick that doesn’t require any extra sprays or tools.

What you need: A brush and your curling method of choice.

What you do: Divide hair, layer by layer, into one- to two-inch-thick groups with the brush. If you’re using a wand or curling iron, wrap the sections of hair around it--but leave out about two inches off the end. If you’re using curlers, begin wrapping the hair two inches from the bottom, leaving that same little tail sticking out straight. Proceed to curl as usual, making sure to keep ends straight as you go.

Why it works: Whether it’s by habit or instinct, we often curl the hair from the very tip all the way up to within inches of the roots. But if you let the ends remain straight, it makes curls appear softer and more natural looking without all the brushing-out nonsense.

No more '80s-salon-style coifs for us, thank you very much.

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