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If You’re Not Smearing Matcha on Your Face, You’re Using It Wrong

Matcha (a super concentrated form of green tea) has been a staple in Asian countries for centuries, but we sort of just caught on. When ingested, it has some pretty amazing health benefits like boosting brain function, detoxing the liver and speeding up metabolism. It also has ten times more antioxidants than one cup of plain old green tea, because you're actually ingesting the tea leaves, rather than just drinking the water they're steeped in.

But this superfood also has some pretty stellar external benefits, too—namely in the acne-clearing department. Whether you're ingesting it regularly (hello, matcha latte addiction) or mixing it with water to form a paste and then applying it topically, its EGCGs (or antioxidants with strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties) absorb into the skin to fight excess oil production and acne-causing bacteria. Don't want to go the DIY route? There are plenty of new beauty products infused with matcha. Here are a few of our favorites.

Buy it: Truly Organic ($20); PLANT Apothecary ($24); Meme Box ($25); The Body Shop ($28); Boscia ($38); H2O+ Beauty ($40); Peach & Lily ($40)

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