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So you took the plunge and got eyelash extensions. Now that you’re completely addicted to looking bright-eyed without even trying, you’re never going to want to wake up without them. And you’ll never have to if you follow these five rules.

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Avoid water for 24 hours

Drinking and bathing aren’t off-limits, of course, but don’t splash water on your face for at least a day. If you need to remove your makeup, use a makeup remover wipe and avoid your eye area. Consider skipping the shower (where it’s easy to forget and stick your face right in) and take a good, old-fashioned bath instead. Call it self-care.

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Then stick to lukewarm water only

Too-hot water isn’t good for your skin in general (it can be extremely drying), but it can also basically melt the adhesive that bonds the extensions. If you want to be extra cautious, grab a clean spoolie and ever so slightly brush out excess water so it doesn’t sit on your lashes longer than necessary.

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Skip oil-based products

Foundations, makeup removers, mascaras and even liquid eyeliners are sometimes made with oil. But it can ruin the bonds between lashes and loosen the glue that keeps them in place. You didn’t spend two long hours in the chair just to have them fall out a day later.

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If you must wear mascara, stay away from waterproof

It’s a little risky, but it can be done in desperate times—like when your extensions are looking sparse a few days before your next fill. Here’s the deal: Use only a water-based mascara (Maybelline Great Lash is a safe bet) on the tips of your lashes and with a very light hand. Anything made with oil will break down the glue and loosen the falsies.

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Put down the eyelash curler

Clamping down on fresh extensions is a big no-no. You don’t want to accidentally pluck them out. Plus, if they’re applied correctly, they should naturally curl up a bit anyway. 

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