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Look at you, being ambitious. Waking up an extra hour early to dry and style your hair for a big day of meetings and events. You need those perfectly bouncy waves to stay intact for hours—so you fire up the Aqua Net like it’s a blowtorch in a Batman movie. But not so fast. We’ve found a better way. 

You actually need to spray the hair spray into your hands. And then you smooth it over the areas in need.

Why? Two words: helmet hair. The thing you’re trying to avoid. When you spray directly onto your hair, you risk inconsistency (and, worse, overdoing it). By putting the formula in your hands first, you’re able to directly apply it on the flyaways and ends that really need it. And nothing more. 

Yes, you’re left with sticky palms afterward, but a quick hand wash and you’re out the door—with the most natural-looking blowout of all time. 


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