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Forget smoky eyes and flicked liner. We’re taking it back to basics, y’all. Think about how you normally apply eye shadow. You probably close your eyes and pull the skin taut before sweeping it on, right? OK, now stop doing that. We’ve got a different method for making your eyes look bigger and more defined in a single step.

What you need: A taupe or light-brown shadow and a fluffy eye-shadow brush

What you do: You should actually apply shadow with your eyes open--or half open, to be more precise. To start, look down into a mirror and find where your eyelid crease is. Next, using a fluffy, dome-tipped brush, apply a light dusting of shadow directly onto your crease, making sure to blend the edges up and out so the color gradually softens as it gets closer to your brow bone.

Why it works: Keeping your eyes open helps you see exactly where you’re applying the shadow so that you don’t go overboard with it. Less is definitely more when it comes to getting that wide-eyed look for daytime. But, of course, feel free to go wild with the liner and mascara for a sultrier nighttime look.

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