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Hortencia Caires

Meet the influencer leading the curly hair revolution

If you abide by the old adage “The bigger the hair, the closer to God,” then Hortencia Caires, with her sky-high main of stunning curls, is a bit of a deity. A New Yorker by way of Brazil, the STYLE FEEN blogger, model and photographer is all about using her platform to shun flatiron culture and elevate natural strands to their full (pun intended) potential. Below, get to know this bold beauty influencer.

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On why she chose this path. “Photography is my first love, and it sparked an interest in creating not only from behind the camera, but from the front. From there, I began to create and model. I currently work as a social media coordinator, but I’m striving to do influencing and modeling full-time.”

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On the best way to spend a Saturday. “My perfect day would be waking up rested in my Brooklyn apartment and running downstairs to the first floor to grab a latte from Hearts Cafe. Creating is my favorite thing to do, so I’d definitely have a Breather booked to shoot some looks. Before heading home to end the day, I’d stop by Joe’s Shanghai for some yummy dumplings.”

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On her top tip for curly-haired ladies. “Always sleep with a satin or silk scarf to cut down time needed to fix your hair. This helps you preserve your curls and keep them protected while you sleep.”