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For better or worse, clean/natural/healthy beauty products are a dime a dozen these days. In order to ensure that you’re not spending your hard-earned paycheck on a marketing ploy, it takes a little of your own research to really know if something is worth the money. Or in this case, a little of our research. Here, four recently tested skincare products that we can attest are worth the hype.

1. True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster

We can all agree that vitamin C is a beloved molecule in the world of skincare: It brightens, evens out skin tone, limits UV damage and can even increase collagen production. But what you might not know is that this star ingredient also has a dark side: It is highly unstable and oxidizes quickly upon exposure to light, air and heat, thus giving it a very limited shelf life. (Not to scare you, but that $300 serum you’re using might not be effective anymore.) So where does that leave us? With powders, of course. True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster is a supercharged powder that remains potent until mixed with water or moisturizer. The buzzy formula is just as effective as that overpriced serum and, best of all, it stays that way until the very last use. Not to mention the brand is nontoxic and eco-friendly, and all of its products are made with natural ingredients.

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2. Foreo Luna Mini 3

With today’s heightened focus on wellness, it’s safe to say that many of us are spending more time in a gym or studio or streaming at-home workouts. Great for the body, but so great for the face. The sweat, dirt, oil and grime that can build up after a workout is tough to remove, and a quick wash with soap doesn’t always cut it. Enter the FOREO LUNA mini 3, the newest addition to the FOREO lineup that targets post-workout facial cleansing. Its longer and antibacterial silicone touch points clean deep into pores, while still being kind to the skin barrier. It also has 12 different intensities so you can power up the T-Sonic pulsations for a clean in as little as one minute (even getting those hard-to-reach areas around your nose and eyes). Really pressed for time? Try the 30-second Glow Boost cleansing mode for instantly flawless skin. We recommend stashing one in your gym bag, but admit that it also looks pretty cute on a bathroom counter.

Buy It ($159)

3. Act + Acre Cold Processed Scalp Detox

News flash: Taking care of your scalp should be a part of your skincare routine. We’d heard that before, but it didn’t really resonate until we tried the Act + Acre Scalp Detox. The formula looks and feels like an oil, which seems counterintuitive to cleansing, but all you need to do is apply it and wait 20 minutes. During this time (in which we put away laundry and washed the dishes, but we could have just as easily watched an episode of Flea Bag) it gets to work breaking down product buildup and delivering much-needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the hair follicles. The formula is also cold pressed, which means the ingredients are more efficacious and nutrient-charged. It left our scalp feeling clean, balanced and not at all irritated.

Buy It ($42)

4. Nécessaire Body Essentials

It’s the body wash that has taken over your Instagram feed. Let’s cut right to the chase with this one (it is just body wash, after all). Is it worth it? In our opinion, that one can be skipped. Sure, a eucalyptus or sandalwood scented soap sounds lovely, but our bar of Dove works just fine. However, the exfoliator and the body lotion are *chef’s kiss* and since it costs only $5 more if you buy the set, we say go for it. We’ve yet to find an exfoliant that works so well and doesn’t leave our legs feeling raw. And the lotion is thick and nourishing, yet miraculously dries without any greasy residue. Both are clean, sustainable and chock-full of nutrients to boot. Now you, too, can share your bathroom shelfie with pride.

Buy It ($60)

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