33 Flattering Haircuts for Square Faces

Presumably you clicked this article because you think you have a square shaped face. A quick test if you’re not entirely sure: Looking straight on into a mirror, are your forehead and cheekbones roughly the same width? Do you have a strong jawline with sharp angles on either side? If so, you’re in the square face club with the likes of Zendaya, Olivia Wilde, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz—which is to say, you’re in good company.

If you’re looking for haircut ideas to flatter your face shape, there is one main guidepost that Joseph Maine, a celebrity hairstylist and artistic director for ColorWow recommends. “Try styles that begin at the collar bone or longer to elongate the overall appearance of your face.” This goes for any layers or bangs as well. Keep them on the longer side so they don’t visually cut off your features, and instead, offer balance to your facial proportions. “You always want to concentrate the cut towards the ends of your hair, so it lengthens the face and softens the outer corners.”

Let’s take a closer look together at what he means by that ahead.

Let’s Settle This What Face Shape Do I Have?

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1. Long And Layered

“A long, layered cut is a classic choice for square face shapes, as it offers movement but concentrates the style towards the ends so it will still elongate the face and close off the corners,” says Maine.

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2. A Long Lob

Similar but a bit sharper and sleeker, a lob is another good option because “it lengthens the face and is typically created without any shorter layers, so it frames your face by closing off the edges of the jawline a bit,” explains Maine.

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3. A Side-parted Lob

Once you have a lob, you can always switch up the part to one side, which changes up the look considerably. (It’s also a great way to disguise day two oily roots in a pinch.)

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4. Side-swept Bangs

“If someone with a square face is considering bangs, I recommend a long side swept bang that doesn’t start too deep on the side,” says Maine. “The long nature of a side swept bang will soften the overall look without pulling the face horizontally the way other bang types (i.e., straight across or blunt bangs) might.”

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5. A Soft Bob

Have the ends cut just a couple inches below your jawline and pair the style with tousled waves to soften up any angular features like Natalie here.

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6. A Sharp Bob

“One haircut I love for a square face is a sharp, angled bob, that hits about an inch below the jaw line,” shares Bryce Scarlett, a celebrity hairstylist for Moroccanoil. “A great tool for styling these types of haircuts is a ceramic heated brush, which is the fastest and gentlest way to get sleek hair,” he adds.

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7. A Slightly Longer Bob

Same idea, but a bit longer, with the ends hitting the sweet space between your jawline and tops of your collarbones like Lucy here. (A tip for deciding the length of your bob: Consider the fullness of your face. According to Bryce, “the fuller the face the longer the bob should be.”)

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8. A Shag With Bangs

“I also love a layered shag with bangs. Think modern Farrah Fawcett. This shape really opens up the corners of the jaw, again highlighting the sharpness of the jaw line yet leaving lots of soft hair around the face,” says Scarlett.

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9. Teased Roots

“For styling any of the cuts above, I recommended adding some volume into the hair using a blow dryer and root boosting spray,” shares Maine. Volume on top lengthens the appearance of your face overall, which has a balancing effect on square shapes.

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10. Soft Waves

For those of you with naturally curly or wavy hair, rocking your natural texture is a good way to effortlessly soften any sharper features. Bryce recommends misting a dry texturizing spray throughout to keep your hair “full and flowing.”

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11. Deep Side Part

No matter the length or texture, a deep side part is always flattering option for square shaped faces. Bonus tip: Keep extra volume up top to maintain an overall elongating effect.

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12. A Tapered Pixie

Always wanted to try a pixie but worried that it might not work with your features? Here’s proof that a cropped cut can work for you. Keep the overall length shorter in the back and a few inches (think four to five) long in the front and along the sides of your face to frame it nicely.

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13. A Curtain Bang

The ever popular curtain bang looks especially flattering on square shaped faces when paired with long layers that fall beneath the collarbones. The bangs themselves should also be on the longer side, parting to either side and blending softly into the rest of your hair.

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14. Bouncy Waves

Here’s Jen Garner showing the power of a little volume. Bigger, bouncier hair adds a touch of softness to more angular jawlines. To style, use a texturizing spray and a 1.5 inch curling iron to add a few bends throughout the lengths of your hair. Brush through them to break apart the waves and give a final mist of spray to set it all in place.

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15. Flipped Out Ends

If the whole bouncy blowout look isn’t for you, take a page from J.Lo’s book and try a sleeker style with flipped out ends instead. You can tailor this look to fit your face by keeping the ends beneath your collarbones and ever-so-slightly parted to one side.

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16. Stick Straight Bob

You can also opt to have the ends cut in an A-line shape (shorter in the back and gradually longer towards the front) to gently hug the sides of your face like Sandra here.

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17. Long, Loose Waves

A classic square faced beauty, Keira Knightley rocks a perfectly balanced cut with long, loose waves and a center part. Tip: Using a shine serum or spray as a finishing touch to add soft definition (and sheen).

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18. Curly Lob

No surprises here, the former First Lady’s sensibility extends beyond her sartorial choices. This textured lob has all of the right elements to flatter her face shape: volume on top, soft texture and a collarbone skimming length.

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19. Beachy Waves

GP has been wearing some iteration of this style for many years and for good reason: it works. The longer, subtly layered locks and center part softens the angles of her lower face, while keeping her high, sharp cheekbones on full display.

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20. Tapered Ends

When in doubt, a lob is a failsafe bet for square face shapes. The collarbone length is extremely versatile for styling (see Mandy’s half bun here) and takes the eye line away from a stronger jawline and puts the focus on the overall length of your hair. Ask your stylist to keep the ends tapered and light so they fall nicely against your shoulders without adding bulk.

The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

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21. Round Bob

Using a round brush, curl the ends of a blunt bob inward so they curve in just below the chin to soften the angles.

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22. Natural Curls

Naturally curly hair and a square face shape are a match made in heaven. The bouncy spring lends a softness to an angular jawline, creating a nice balancing effect.

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23. Rounded Layers

Thicker hair works really well with longer, rounded layers. And longer, rounded layers, as you know, work well with square face shapes.

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24. Tapered Bangs

Soft, tapered bangs that fall on and around the forehead take attention away from the jawline and puts it on the upper third of your face.

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25. Cropped Pixie

One of the hallmarks of a square face is sharp cheekbones. And what better way to show off that incredible bone structure than with a cropped pixie like Indya Moore here?

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26. Volume Waves

A loose, tousled blowout with plenty of volume is always a good look—no matter your face shape—but it's especially flattering on angular faces.

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27. Graduated Layers

Graduated layers are great for square face shapes because they soften the jawline and create height and volume in the crown. Plus, they're versatile, as you can wear your hair parted down the center or swept over to one side.

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28. Slicked Back Bob

Kristen Bell balances her sleek style with her face shape by slicking her strands over to one side to add some height to the crown and tucking both sides behind her ears.

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29. Asymmetrical Curls

Volume is key when it comes to working with a square face, and Yara's buoyantly coiffed curls are perfection. We love the way the cut is slightly asymmetrical which removes any weight or bulk from the ends.

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30. Side-parted Lob

Actress Gemma Chan softens her just-below-the-collarbone cut (and angular jawline) with an off-centered part and loose curls. Tip: After curling your hair, finger-comb the ringlets out so the overall look is polished without looking stiff.

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31. Voluminous Lob

Fact: Full and fluffy looking hair complements a square face. The easiest way to fake volume if you have finer strands is to add a little bend throughout using a flat iron and a generous misting of texturizing spray.

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32. Zig Zag Part

Can't choose between a center or side part? Try an uneven part like Kate here, which adds more volume on top and brings the gaze upwards. The blend of highlights and barely-there waves further soften her sharp features.

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33. French Fringe

The French sure know their fringe. Just ask Jeanne Damas, whose feathered bangs are cut in that perfectly uneven length with just enough forehead peeping through. And their slightly curved shape adds roundness to your angles.

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