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There’s no denying the confidence boost you get from a good hair day. And though it’s nice to get the occasional blowout, it’s not necessary (or, um, sustainable) all the time. Here, the eleven best tips that helped us get our hair in tip-top shape.

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Change the Order of Things
Condition your strands before you lather up with shampoo to get all the smoothing benefits without sacrificing any volume. 

Add Some Baking Soda to the Mix
Twice weekly, pour a cup of one part baking soda and two parts water onto wet strands to make them shinier (but not greasier).


Try Aloe Vera
Hair feeling dry? Break off an aloe leaf and rub the gel from the plant onto your strands for an immediate boost of moisture.


Use Mousse Correctly
Hint: You want to put it on a vented brush before working it through your locks.


Use Hairspray Correctly, Too
Similar concept, but no brush necessary. Instead, mist the palms of your hands and then smooth them over your strands to nix flyaways without any crunch.

Don’t OD on Hair Products
You’re probably using a lot more of the stuff than you need. Luckily, we have a handy guide for you to consult (using some of our favorite candies as a point of reference).

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Rotate Your Curling Iron
You want a few pieces to curl away from your face and a few to curl toward it. This way, you end up with loose, beachy waves (like Kate here) and not stiff ringlets.

Loosen Your Grip on the Straightener
Basically, if you clamp down too hard with the plates, your hair will be so straight that it sticks to your head.

Learn to Style Without an Iron
Make waves with little more than some springy spiral curlers and quick blast of heat from your blow-dryer.

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Get a Better Grip for Updos
Braids, twists, even in-between bangs—there’s nothing the humble bobby pin can’t do. Just make sure you’re using them the right way.

Consider a Short Cut
If you’re feeling bored or continually frustrated by your hair every morning, perhaps it’s time for a fresh cut. Worried you can’t pull off a shorter do? Grab a ruler and pencil to figure out your best length, according to where the two intersect at your jawline.

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