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Often the littlest tweak can make all the difference in your look. So take the plunge and go a little shaggier, warmer or even candy-colored. Here are the cuts and color all your cool friends (and maybe you) will be sporting this season.

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More layers. More bangs. More movement. These are what you’re looking for with the new shag, basically an updated version of the lob in which the stylist cuts into the hair to add shorter bits that frame your face. Bonus: This style looks great air-dried, with just a hint of oil for shine or dry shampoo for volume.


Curls are flying loose, with longer ringlets forming halos that can be silky smooth or fuzzed-out and ethereal, depending on the amount of product and teasing. At Studio City’s Capella Salon, hair is cut dry to make the most of its natural curl and clients discover how low-lather shampoos and herbal tonic mists can refresh hair without creating frizziness.

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That French-girl bob with bangs that makes every outfit look more chic (and takes approximately zero effort to style)? Now is the time. Especially current is a cut that’s a bit shorter in the back, in essence pushing hair forward for a cheekbone-framing look.


The ashy platinum that’s been so popular the past few years is warming up, with golden highlights becoming a softer, more universally flattering trend. Chad Kenyon at Ramirez/Tran salon does a color melt, in which he paints a gloss at the root, then sprays one of his Chad Kenyon Ombré Highlight Sprays through midlengths and ends. Clients can take home their own highlight spray, enriched with argan oil and subtle pigments to pep up color even after the salon gloss fades.


Pink is the new blonde. Stylists like Larisa Love are using candy colors such as pink, lavender and blue—often more than one at a time—to create a look with depth that’s softer and more grown-up-looking than yesterday’s one-tone application of vivid hues. Love applies Joico Color Butter for five minutes to get her rainbow colors—and has clients re-apply months later at home to keep hues vibrant.

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The beachy waves we’re so used to seeing may finally be giving way to sleeker looks, showing up on high-profile women on the street and the red carpet, from stylist Elleri Marossy’s blunt cut on Lana Del Rey to Blake Lively’s red carpet lob. Bonus: This style means your mom might finally stop telling you to brush your hair. 

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