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As our go-to, in-a-rush ’do, the basic ponytail is about as easy as hairstyles get. But not just any technique works well for every hair type. Here, three pretty tips for gals with different textures. 

Curly Hair: Don’t flatten your curls by brushing everything back into a pony. Instead, use you fingers to gently comb and pull your hair together. Secure everything with a snag free elastic that won’t get tangled up in textured locks.

Fine Hair: Give your tresses some lift by using a fine-tooth comb to tease the hair at your crown. Then use your fingers to pull your hair back into a pony and tie it off.

Long, Thick Hair: A high pony will just weigh your head down so instead get creative with a fancy low pony. For an undone French twist, start by gathering the top half of your hair and tightly twist the strands against your scalp. Slowly add more hair from each side as you move down your nape, just like for a French braid. Secure the twist in place with bobby pins before using a hair tie to fasten the ponytail.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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