All the Types of Hair Removal, Ranked

When was the last time you used Nair?

If you’re one of those women who miraculously doesn’t grow body hair, we’re jealous. If you’re one of those women who are OK with letting her body hair grow free, we’re also jealous. But for 99.9 percent of the American female population (we assume), shaving and waxing and plucking and zapping is a fact of life. And everyone’s got her opinion on which is best. Here, in our humble opinion, is the definitive ranking all the hair removal solutions on the planet.

1. Sugaring
She’s new and less painful than waxing (though only by--wait for it--a hair). The real benefit is that you’re less likely to burn your skin than with wax, plus your hair gets thinner each time you do it. So, yeah, give us some sugar. 

2. Shaving
It doesn’t last long, but it’s cheap and, barring the occasional gory nick, relatively painless. Also, you can remedy stubble immediately, unlike salon treatments. It's no frills: the vanilla ice cream of hair removal, if you will. 

3. Threading
Kind of anxiety-inducing (they’re moving so fast so close to our eyes!), but it does a way better job on our brows than we ever could.

4. Waxing
Does it hurt? Obviously. Does it last four to six weeks without costing that much? You bet your mid-winter-beach-vacation bikini line it does.

5. Electrolysis
A touch more painful than a laser (yikes, see below) but more effective. After 15 to 30 sessions, you’re almost guaranteed to been in the clear…forever.

6. Laser
So many dollars, so many sessions, so many rubber-bands-snapping-against-my-skin feelings. And for semi-permanent results? We’ve got better things to do.

7. Tweezing
Remember the '90s, when everyone’s eyebrows were thinner than Kate Moss’s entire body? That’s why these life ruiners are ranked so low. Once you pop pluck, you can’t stop.

8. Depilatory cream
The grow-back time is the same as shaving. The potential pain factor is the same as shaving. The only difference? The smell. The smellllllll. One vanilla ice cream, please.