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Welp, Theres Now Even a Smart Hairbrush

You’ve invested in a flat brush, a round brush and even one of those fancy brushes with the boar bristles. But still, no matter what, your hair keeps falling flat.

Enter the Hair Coach, a new smart hairbrush from Kérastase and L’Oréal that’s designed to help you perfect your hair technique (and maximize your hair health) over time.

Here’s how it works: Thanks to an itty-bitty microphone embedded inside, the brush actually records the sound of your brushstrokes to identify your exact hair type. It also uses movement and load sensors to count the number of brushstrokes and analyze your brushing patterns (like how hard you comb through your strands, for example). The brush can even detect if your hair is wet or dry and pulls in local weather to account for humidity (and other weather patterns) that could affect your hair.

OK, but where does all this info go? To an app on your iPhone, of course. That’s where you’ll find a full analysis of your technique and how you can make small improvements every day for better hair health.

Now, the hairbrush—which will be available in fall 2017—will set you back a cool $200, but considering that’s what you’d pay for only four or five blowouts, it might be worth the investment.

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