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While much of our beauty routine is about the pretty things (makeup, lotions, serums), a lot of the things we do to make ourself feel great aren’t necessarily so Instagrammable (hey, there facials for your butt). Here are some of our favorite not-so-pretty beauty treatments that always make us feel better (oh hello, clear sinuses) and look better (ah, welcome back, smooth skin).

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gross beauty los angeles baby feet
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Baby Foot
We’re so lucky to be able to wear our Gucci slides and flip-flops all year round. But we’re not so lucky to have layers of calluses on our feet that sort of ruin the whole effect. Get rid of them with no effort on your part with Baby Foot. Put on the socks for an hour, then rinse off the enzyme-filled lotion. In a couple days, like magic, the layers of dead skin just fall off, leaving super-smooth heels and toes. It’s intense, but it’s awesome. 

Scary but effective. Take a microneedler, which looks like a teensy paint roller covered with spikes, and go over your face and neck to help your serums penetrate and activate. Note: There should be a glowing effect, not bloody tracks.

gross beauty los angeles red lipstick concealer

Red Lipstick as Concealer
For those of you with olive tones, this trick looks terrible, but it seriously works wonders on hiding dark under-eye circles.

Butt Facials
There are little bumps on your posterior called folliculitis. It’s bacteria, yeast or fungus-related, and you need a good scrubbing to get rid of it. Hello, half-hour treatment spent facedown having your rear end exfoliated and massaged.

Bikini Line Exfoliation
Yup, ingrown hairs are pretty much the equivalent of acne on your downtown real estate. So apply a couple swipes of a skin-sensitive body scrub like DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub to loosen all that gunk trapped under your skin.

Nasal Irrigation
Constant sinus headaches? Red nose from all that sniffling? A sore throat? Yup, it’s time to clear out your sinuses with a neti pot. Lean over the sink and pour salty water in one nasal passage and wait for it to pour out the other. It’s super-yucky but you can feel the relief immediately. And hey, Oprah does it.

gross beauty los angeles cellulite wrap

Cellulite Wrap
If you need a quick way to hide leg cellulite without, say, a year full of detox treatments and exercise, try this. Rub coffee grounds on your legs and tightly encase it all in plastic wrap. Then wrap that with some Ace bandages. Then lie in the sun for ten minutes or hit everything with a blow-dryer. The heat activates the caffeine, which hides the appearance of cellulite. It doesn’t last forever but long enough for you to make an appearance in shorts. The cleanup…yeah it’s gross. But hey, you look amazing.

Chicken Skin Removal
No, not like prepping for dinner. We’re talking those little bumps on the back of your arms, which are basically irritated, plugged-up hair follicles. Rub some sour cream on the area (like so), and after ten minutes, rinse it off. Your skin is smoother and less poultry-like.

This holistic remedy involving round suction cups applied to the back has been popularized by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and Jennifer Aniston, who both appeared in public with the telltale round red marks on their back. It helps a range of maladies from sore muscles to insomnia; ask your acupuncturist about it.

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