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Give Yourself Skin Care That Really Sinks In

Everyone’s been there. You apply your expensive face cream du jour and then have to wait for heaven knows how long for it to sink in before you can even think of applying your makeup.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But what’s really irksome is the fact that you might not only be wasting time but also product, since what doesn’t quickly penetrate the skin’s surface is squandered.

Now there's Restore, a cream that is absorbed immediately and works to plump up fine lines and erase skin discolorations.

Here’s how it works: A liposome shell system delivers nutrients way beneath the skin’s surface, unlike other products that can’t penetrate the dermis as effectively. Then the active ingredients (including under-eye-brightening leaf extract and collagen-stimulating guarana seed extract) get busy making a visible difference in minutes. And finally, there's the reported cumulative youthful effect from using it daily.

That’s it—no more waiting around for younger-looking skin.

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