Celebrity facialist Georgia Louise has never been the kind to shy away from new technology. And as one of NYC’s most in-demand skin-care experts (her clientele includes Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett), her cutting-edge services aren’t exactly accessible or affordable. (Her bespoke basics facial costs $280, for example.)

She’s looking to change all that with her very first at-home beauty tool, the GloPulse.

The electrically-charged headset pairs with special ionized sheet masks (green for blemish-prone or sensitive skin, aqua for dry or aging skin and honey for brightening complexions and targeting fine lines) and uses galvanic currents to gently penetrate the skin and get the masks’ active ingredients to go deeper than they could with a regular topical application.

Galvantic current therapy actually originated in Korea, where aestheticians use it to improve oxygen flow in your bloodstream, reduce inflammation and encourage collagen production (that’s a fancy way of saying it diminishes wrinkles). Another bonus: Because the technology is noninvasive, there is no recovery time necessary and you look ready to face the world from the minute you finish. Louise has used such technology in her treatments for over 20 years, but now marks the first time you can try it at home for a (relatively) low price point ($165).

I chose to start with the Green mask and was pleasantly surprised to find that it has no added scents, a major plus for something that will be sitting on my face for 20 minutes. After applying, I placed the headset on like a headband, situated the two electrode plates onto my cheeks and simply pressed the start button.

Although I very much expected to feel or at least hear an electrifying buzz, there was no such sensation. In fact, the first time I used it, I kept checking the mirror to make sure it was actually on and working. (There is a small blinking light to assure you that it is.) Then I went about my business: I folded my laundry, prepped dinner and even started writing this review. After 20 minutes, the headset gave a little chime and the light stopped blinking, signifying that the process was complete. I peeled off the mask, rubbed in the excess essences and voilą: a fresh, dewy glow in as much time as it takes to watch an episode of Friends.

Unlike other at home facial tools, the GloPulse requires literally no skills or talents other than the ability to slap on a sheet mask and click a button. It's also totally hands-free and self-timed, so I can multitask all over my apartment while getting that signature Georgia Louise glow.

Final verdict: I loved how easy the GloPulse was to use, and after testing it out for three weeks, I noticed a subtle but very real difference in my skin, which is now much dewier with fewer acne spots popping up. In other words, you can bet I will continue to electrify my face while folding socks for the foreseeable future.

BUY IT ($165)

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