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One scroll through your Instagram feed and you'll know that rainbow hair is everywhere. (And the Lisa Frank-obsessed teenagers inside of us sort of love it.) But looking at photos of Skittles-colored strands on your phone and actually trying it yourself are two completely different things. Which is why we're so excited about the geode hair trend. It's just as mesmerizing but a tad more refined.  

What makes it geode and not rainbow? Rather than saturated multi-tonal shades throughout, geode hair stays primarily in the purples and blues and has a more sombré (that is, subtle ombré) effect. This gives it a sparkling, amethyst-like quality when it catches light.

How is it done? According to Cherin Choi, a top hair colorist in Los Angeles (and the genius behind the look above), everything is approached from the bottom up, so the colors are most saturated at the ends and gradually get softer as they move up toward your roots. The final effect is much more subdued than previous iterations of the rainbow trend, and the upkeep is minimal since you don’t have to touch up your roots ever.

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