6 Foundation Tricks to Fake a #Flawless Complexion

Confession: We didn’t wake up like this. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look like we have perfect skin. All you need are these six makeup-artist-approved tips for a Snapchat “pretty filter” complexion IRL.

Erase Dark Circles with Orange Concealer

Yes, really. It’s all about the color wheel—opposites attract.

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Conceal Red Splotches with Green Concealer

Same goes here. Remember, green cancels out red. Magic.

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Change Your Concealer Routine for Brighter Eyes

The cure-all for late nights is concealer placement (OK and, like, seven espressos).

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Adapt Foundation to the Season

All you need is a liquid concealer, either darker or lighter than the foundation you want to change. Now put those childhood art lessons to use.

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Make Foundation More Hydrating

A little rose water never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s the secret to fresh, dewy skin (and it smells like a dream).

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How to Remove Too Much

OK, you went a little overboard. Don’t start over. Get smarter.

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