How to Wear Foundation Without Hiding Your Freckles

Freckles are having a major moment—and we can thank HRH Meghan Markle for that. When she went with the whole no-makeup look for none other than her royal wedding, we simultaneously praised and cursed the beauty gods. If you were blessed with freckles, you know how hard it can be to cover things like under-eye bags and blemishes without completely airbrushing any beauty marks out of the picture. But it can be done (and Duchess Meg’s flawlessly freckly complexion is proof). Here’s how.

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Start With A Pore Minimizing Primer

While you should wear primer under any foundation to help it stay put, applying one with a blurring effect is great for freckles. It will minimize the appearance of pores without hiding beauty marks for an airbrushed look before you even add any color.


Skip Full-coverage Foundation

If your main goal is to let those natural freckles shine through, choose a lighter formula like a BB or CC cream (and match it to your skin not your freckles). It will even out skin tone with slightly more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but is still sheer enough to keep the focus on those sun-kissed dots.


Spot Treat With Concealer

Want a little more coverage? Apply concealer only on the areas that need it so you don’t wind up with random freckle-less patches. A product with a sponge brush applicator is great for hitting precise spots (like that tiny pimple that won’t seem to go into hiding).


Seal It With An Illuminating Finishing Spray

Ensure your foundation stays put all day with a setting spray. Opt for one with a dewy finish to add a little glow and put the literal spotlight on your freckles.

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