The Single Easiest Style to Add Volume to Fine, Limp Hair
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

So you woke up late with your hair matted down to your head and there's no time to shower. Quick, what do you do? You rock a half-bun, of course.

It's become the signature look for off-duty models and celebs over the past few years because it's surprisingly versatile (you can wear it tightly wound for a sleeker appearance or loose and looped for a more casual vibe) and it's super easy to do. Not to mention, the smaller bun up top and the fullness at the bottom creates the perfect juxtaposition for a thicker appearance overall. 

Want to add even more oomph? Wrap a few sections of hair around a large curling iron (i.e., anything over an inch) to add some texture before pulling back strands from the top of your head. Tip: The finer your hair, the more you should pull up into your bun to make it look more substantial.  

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