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The world belongs to the energetic, not the sleepy. But since you’re regularly cramming a week’s worth of errands and social obligations into Monday, maybe you want a few hacks to seem fresh as a daisy? Read on...

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Scrub off dead skin and old makeup

Swipe over everything with Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water to make sure you really get everything off. That includes any dead skin on your lips. This will help you look more awake because clean skin has an energetic healthy glow and holds makeup in place, which is the opposite of yesterday’s smeared eyeliner.

Spoons 728x921

Cold Spoon Your Eyes

You know that bloated, swollen eye look? The one that says “Imma go back to bed now”? Banish it by grabbing the two cold spoons you keep in the fridge and pressing them against your eyes for a count of ten. Ahhh, feels good and looks de-puffed.

La Mer

Cover Splotchy Clown Face

Unrested skin can look blotchy and dull. To even it all out, apply a thin layer of the new La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation (it’s got hydrating and line-blurring capabilities). You can even mix in three drops of La Mer Renewal Oil, which thins the base and adds even more skin-firming and line-softening attributes. Wait for the dewy-but-not-too-wet finish to dry and then apply another layer over the especially red or dark spots.

Lighten Under-Eye Dracula Shadows

What you need is a fast self-massage to get those fluids moving out of your face. Follow celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas’s how-to video now, then when you have more time, book the Power Peel (which includes organic ingredients and an oxygen blast) at her new DTLA salon.

Laura Mercier

Now Cover Those Under Eye Circles

Yeah, we weren’t done with those. After you self-massage, dot a tiny bit of Laura Mercier’s new Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter under your eyes and then blend it in (that’s the coverage). Add a couple dots to the top of your cheekbones while you’re at it; this acts as a highlighter to draw attention away from your heavy lids.

Nars Cosmetics

Wake up your face

You need blush. You need lipstick. Basically you need as many bright, clear rose tones as you can to make it seem like you got eight hours of sleep. The new Nars True Story Cheek and Lip Palette and matte red lip pencil has everything in one place—thank goodness, because we were too tired to look elsewhere.


Use the Makeup Artists’ Eye-Opening Secret

Put a dot of a light-colored waterproof eyeliner (the champagne-gold Ciaté gel liner is a great choice) in the middle of your lower lash line like so, to catch light and reflect it all over your eye area. It’s subtle, but you won’t believe how alert it makes you look.

IT Cosmetics

Add a swipe of lengthening mascara

It Cosmetics Superhero formula is lengthening and never clumpy, so it’s super natural-looking. Because you don’t want extra-heavy makeup in your eye area when you’re hungover tired. 

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