So you like the idea of looking bright-eyed before your lips have even touched caffeine, but you’re not interested in looking like a full-on glamazon. Newsflash: Lash extensions have come a long way, with options for different curl types and lash lengths, meaning there’s finally something for everyone (yes, even “no-makeup makeup” gals). But with so many choices, it can be tough to know the right combo for you, so we talked to Sugarlash PRO founder and CEO Courtney Buhler to get the scoop on how to find the most flattering extensions for your eye shape.

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ashley olsen round eyes
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If You Have Round Eyes

What that means: Round eyes are naturally open and alert.
Your ideal lash extension: You could end up looking permanently surprised with the wrong extensions, so tone down the alertness with shorter length lashes and a looser curl (Courtney suggests a B curl). This will relax the eye shape for total symmetry.

jennifer lawrence hooded eyes
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If You Have Hooded Eyes

What that means: Sometimes known as monolids, they’re eyelids without a defined crease.
Your ideal lash extension: To open up the eye and break through a heavy lash line, Courtney recommends L and L+ lashes. These have a flat base and severe curl that shoots out from under the lid, lifting the lash line and making the eyes appear brighter and wider.

rihanna almond eyes
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If You Have Almond Eyes

What that means: Almond eyes are about twice as wide as they are high. (They’re the most common shape.)
Your ideal lash extension: Because they’re considered the most proportional eye shape, they can support nearly any lash style. Courtney suggests going for a cat-eye gradient if you want to elongate your natural shape or a set of lashes that open the eye if you’re looking to brighten up your features. 

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