PSA: We Should All Be Exfoliating Our Brows

exfoliating brows hero

Recently, we extolled the virtues of exfoliating your scalp (especially if you’re a dry shampoo devotee like we are). This is because regular exfoliation keeps your head free of product buildup and promotes a healthy environment for new hair to grow in.

So it only makes sense that you should be showing the same love to other parts of your body—namely your eyebrows.

Yes, you heard right: You should be exfoliating your brows. More specifically, the skin around your brows. Most of us skip this area altogether, but a gentle scrubbing can do wonders.

What are these so-called wonders? For starters, it clears away any dead skin cells (which prevents ingrowns from forming). It also makes the application of any brow products (like pencils or powders) much smoother. And finally, it may encourage new hair growth—or, at the very least, it doesn’t impede new growth, which can happen if you don’t exfoliate.

And here’s the best part: You don’t need a separate product. The next time you’re exfoliating, say, your nose, just work your way up toward your brows. Using gentle, circular motions, rub the area right around your brows (not directly over them). Bonus points if you get a little massage out of it too.

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