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We know the drill: Wake up, brush our teeth and put on our makeup. But what if we could make all this rigmarole less of a chore and a lot more fun? Well, these snazzy gizmos and products are getting us excited to update our beauty routine—we mean, who wouldn’t feel excited to hop into a crystal-charged bath?

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aquis hair towel los angeles beauty routine

Use the Aquis Hair Towel

Wait, there’s a way to de-frizz without using a heat device on our poor over-processed locks? Turns out the Aquis Hair Towel, when wrapped around wet strands, is much less hard on your hair than hot air and coarse, friction-causing traditional towels. Wrap your hair in the tech fabric and do your morning routine. By the time you’re done, the towel has wicked away moisture and you’ve got frizz-free waves.

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quip toothbrush los angeles beauty routine

Brush Prettier and Cleaner with Quip

Sure, we know we’re supposed to replace our toothbrush every four months because of bacteria and bristle strength, but we just…kinda forget to. Well, if you use Quip, you won’t need to remember. The subscription service sends you fresh bristles on the reg for its glam electric toothbrushes, which come with travel covers/wall mounts. Smile.

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silisponge los angeles beauty routine
Beauty Essentials

Nab a Silisponge

BeautyBlender, we love you. But you slurp up our foundation like nobody’s business, so we’re trading up to use the Silisponge. Made of silicon, it wastes less product and gets into our facial nooks and crannies. (It’s all the rage on the interwebs, so order yours before it sells out for the eight millionth time.)

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cocofloss los angeles beauty routine

Upgrade from Floss to Cocofloss

Flossing is so boring, it’s the first thing you skip when you’re rushed (#truth). But Cocofloss is too pretty to pass on. Four flavors include cara-cara orange, strawberry, coconut and mint, and the floss itself has more surface area than the usual drugstore variety. Plus, the see-through, dot-print package is so attractive we like to leave it out to remind us to floss.

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dry shampoo los angeles beauty routine

Cover Grays with Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray

Colored hair powders and semipermanent liquid root dyes are either too faint or too fake-looking to really make us happy between hair appointments. So while you’re waiting for your colorist to slot you in, use the Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray, which comes in six colors and looks natural when you pull your hair away from your scalp and give a quick spritz.

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facial puff los angeles beauty routine

Swap Your Washcloth for a Charcoal Briquette

Veggie fibers are softer than rough cotton fibers on your face, and little bits of charcoal exfoliate and purify. You know, like if your face were being run through a Britta filter.

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do it all wipes los angeles beauty routine

Fake a Panty Change with Do It All Wipes

Sometimes, a shower just isn’t in the cards. But you can still feel fresh by using the Do It All wipes from Love Wellness, the new vaginal health line inexplicably founded by reality TV star Lo Bosworth. Especially when we are having our period, these little wet wipes can make all the difference.

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crystals bath los angeles beauty routine

Put Some Rocks in Your Bath

We know, we know…but this is L.A. after all, and crystals-as-meditation-tools are all the rage. Själ skin-care founder Kristin Petrovich takes this trend to the next level by recommending you nestle specifically charged crystals (for example, amethyst for protection and clarity, rose quartz for soothing and security) into your hot water along with essential oils and Epsom salts. Well, it can’t hurt.

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