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Buh-Bye, Bad Hair Days: Dry Shampoo Now Comes in Blotting Sheets (!!!)
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Dry shampoo is a wonderful thing, but it can be a tad finicky. Spray too closely and you’ll end up with a chalky residue along your scalp. Use too much and it will leave your hair looking dull.

But there’s a new game in town that makes it impossible to misuse. Dry shampoo blotting sheets. (Yes, for real.)

You know those nifty little papers you use to degrease your T-zone? Same idea, except these sheets are lightly perfumed to mask the scent of sweaty roots. You’re getting all of the benefits of a traditional dry shampoo (essentially more time between washes) without any of the drawbacks. Plus, a pack of sheets is much easier to stash in your purse (or hell, your back pocket) for on-the-go grease sopping.

Like I said, there is no real learning curve to dry shampoo in paper form. When I need to make my hair look more presentable in a pinch, I simply pat one of these guys over my part and brush through to finish. Immediately, my roots are revived. As are my spirits.

Each credit-card-sized pack comes with 50 sheets, which should easily last me through holiday season. Actually, on that note, I think I just found the perfect stocking stuffer for y’all this year. Act surprised.

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