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dry conditioner hero

For something that hasn't been in our lives long, dry shampoo has quickly emerged as the MVP of our vanity. It extends the life of second-day hair in a pinch and gives limp strands a pump of volume. But what if we told you there was a way to make your hair look even better after a dry-shampoo blitz? Meet dry conditioner.

So what exactly is dry conditioner? The partner-in-crime to dry shampoo hydrates and smooths the hair follicles to keep them looking fresh. After dry shampoo strips your hair of grime, dry conditioner swoops in to restore some of your natural glossy shine. 

How do I use it? Most dry conditioners come in aerosol cans just like their shampoo counterparts; the only difference is in where the two products are utilized. Dry shampoo is most effective when applied to the scalp, aka the source of oily buildup. Dry conditioner, on the other hand, should be sprayed from the midshaft to the ends, which have a tendency to get frizzy and dehydrated between washes.

Sounds easy, but what kind of hair does this work best on? Straight and wavy hair (of any thickness) should have no trouble getting healthy, clean-looking locks without actually taking a shower. Coarse or tightly curled hair, however, needs something with more hydrating power and will respond better to a serum or oil.

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