I Tried Dior’s New Spray Foundation. Here’s How It Went.

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If you’ve ever been in a wedding, you’ve probably witnessed the wonder that is airbrush foundation. It usually comes in the form of a giant contraption that you fill with the formula of your choice and spray onto your skin. It sounds kind of scary, but the results are a flawless, non-streaky, non-cakey finish that no Beauty Blender could ever achieve. But what if you could attempt it at home, without said contraption? 

Enter: Dior Backstage Airflash Foundation. The brand recently extended the spray foundation’s shade range to 25 skin tones and it’s meant to give you the same results as the fancy aforementioned contraption in a convenient at-home applicator. But does it stack up to the real deal? I (normally a non-foundation-wearing editor) tried it out in the name of beauty reporting.

Compared to my normal CC cream routine, I will say that Dior Backstage Airflash Foundation is definitely full coverage. It’s also extremely easy to overdo it (but more on that later). The bottle is opaque so I couldn’t see the actual color, making testing options a bit of a guessing game. But once I found my shade, I was all in. The packaging tells you to shake it, so shake it I did. And to my surprise it sounded like an actual spray paint can with that same rattling sound. The instructions also say you can spray it directly onto your skin or spray it onto a brush and buff it on. Since I was trying to get the full makeup artist effect, I went straight for the face.

At first, I wound up with waaay too much foundation on my cheek. So I reverted back to blending it with a sponge. By the time I finished, I felt like I got the hang of it. The trick for me was to spray one pump onto my skin, and then tap it in with my Beauty Blender. It really only took about three sprays to cover my entire face, so I’m actually not sure it would work without a sponge.

I went about my day, feeling kind of like I had spray paint on my skin, but I attribute that to the fact that I don’t normally wear such heavy-coverage formulas. It did stay put for the entire 12 hours like it said it would. I can’t say I’m a total convert—maybe it would be a different story if I had the application process down pat.  So for now, I’ll stick to my It Cosmetics CC cream and leave the airbrush foundation to the pros.

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