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Curling irons: They’re a pretty standard beauty item, and yet we’re still not so confident on how to use them like our brilliant stylists do. Here, three easy curling iron techniques you can absolutely handle on your own.

Method 1 (The Flat Wrap): Grab a section of hair and wrap it flat against the curling iron, starting from the base and working your way toward the end. Hold for 15 seconds (or a touch longer if you have thicker hair) for loose, easy curls.

Method 2 (The Spiral Curl): Before wrapping a section of hair around the iron, twist the hair in a tight spiral. This will give you a tighter curl, without venturing into Shirley Temple territory.

Method 3 (The Beach Wave): For a more effortless effect, twist just the ends of the section of hair, keeping the roots flat against the iron barrel. 

And after whichever method you choose, simply tousle with your fingers and finish with a light mist of hairspray.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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