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You Might Be Concealing Your Eye Circles Wrong (Heres How to Get It Right)
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Ever feel like no amount of concealer in the world can sufficiently hide your dark circles? (Same.) And while we’ve certainly come a long way in our technique (triangles, not bananas, y’all), there are a few more things to consider depending on the particular issue you’re trying to address. Here, the two most common under-eye problems—and how to cover them for good. 

If You Have Bluish, Sunken-In Under-Eye Circles
You’ll want a high-coverage concealer with a hint of peach focused just under the eyes. Warm apricot hues cancel out cooler blue or purple shadows (because they sit on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel). Apply it sparingly (again, only where there is actual discoloration) and build in light layers so it doesn’t cake or crease with wear (which can emphasize fine lines and make you look more tired).

If You Have Puffy Under-Eye Bags
You, however, need two types of concealer (a light-reflective formula and a skin-toned one). The skin-toned one should be applied over the entire under-eye area before adding a touch of light-reflective concealer just under the swollen part to bounce light and make everything brighter.

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