Cliniques New Lip Crayon Will Make All Your Childhood Dreams Come True

As if the Chubby Stick could be any more beloved, Clinique just upped the ante on its cult-status lip color.

Introducing the Crayola Chubby Stick

Oh yes—you can now paint your pout with a crayon. (We'll wait as your inner 8-year-old freaks out.) The two brands collaborated on a limited-edition line of ten colors that range from a soft pink sherbert to a rich red violet ($17 each or $25 for four minis). And while it's technically not much different from a standard Chubby Stick, we can't help but anticipate the sheer joy of pulling out a real-live Crayola crayon from our makeup pouch to swipe on in the powder room.

Your move, Lip Smacker.

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