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So your makeup bag is busting at the seams and your medicine cabinet looks like a Nars counter exploded? Time to KonMari your cosmetics. Here?s what you can get rid of without thinking twice.

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NY makeupbag list1

Anything With Broken Packaging

You accidentally sent your beloved blush clattering to the bathroom floor, and it did not survive the impact. We feel your pain. There’s actually a genius way to salvage the makeup, but if the actual container broke, it’s time to move on.

NY makeupbag list2

Samples More Than a Month Old

Let’s face it: If you didn’t use it up right away, it’s probably not for you. Since you already have enough trouble finding your keys in your purse, do yourself a favor and toss the dead weight.

NY makeupbag list3

Anything That’s Not Quite Your Shade

If you’ve ever bought foundation that’s just slightly too dark or too light, stop telling yourself you’ll wear it when you’re tan (or in the UV-deprived heart of winter). Give it to a more suitably pigmented friend.

NY makeupbag list4

Nail Polish That’s Separated

Yes, technically you can buy polish thinner and shake these back into usability. But let’s be honest—if a color’s sitting around unused long enough to turn into a mini lava lamp, should you really be keeping it? No.

NY makeupbag list5.3

The “Extra” Stuff from Gift Sets

So you nabbed an Urban Decay combo around the holidays. Score! But if there are one or two things in there that you don’t actually use, it’s time to break up the family. Those sets are enticing, but next time you reach for one, make sure you actually like 80 percent of what’s in there and aren’t just getting it for the deal.

NY makeupbag list6

Makeup Brushes (or Tools) You Don’t Use

See that eye shadow crease brush you’ve used exactly twice? Either decide to work it into your everyday routine or send it on its way (to the trash).

NY makeupbag list7

Anything You Don’t Love on You

You tried out the punk lip trend…but felt more Walking Dead than punk rock. That’s OK—good for you for going for it! But keeping it around is just going to take up valuable space.

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