Naked nails? With summer in full swing, that hardly seems right. At our next nail appointment, we’re making the most of the season with these colorful nail trends.

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The look you love for hair works just as beautifully for nails. Bonus: Stick with Creamsicle colors for the ultimate summer vibes. 

Ask for it at Cuticle Nail Salon


Treat your nails like mini canvases with a Mondrian-inspired design. White, black and red make for one chic palette.

Ask for it at Juko Nail & Skin Rescue

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Black and angled, we love this spin on the classic French mani.

Ask for it at Chamin

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Can’t choose one color? No problem. Pick two or three and layer them on from light to dark.

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Here’s a novel concept: Play up the very thing you’ve been trying to hide all this time. We love the effect in a pretty silver or gold.

Ask for it at ZaZaZoo Nail Salon

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Muted colors keep this bold design from feeling too loud. Try not to stare at your nails all day long.

Try it at home with Sinsun nail art tape ($7) 

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