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Think of these procedures as “lipo light”—i.e., more effective at smoothing skin than some long-term diet or massage plan yet less disruptive than liposuction, the operation done under general anesthesia and requiring major post-recovery time. In 2017, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a 20 percent growth in non-invasive fat procedures. Here’s a brief guide to the new tech of aesthetic change, with treatments starting at less than $2,000 (ouch) but not requiring general anesthesia or significant downtime (ahh).

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You Can Freeze Cellulite
In the hour-long procedure popularly known as CoolSculpting (the trade name of cryolipolysis), you read or watch TV while a fatty bulge is vacuumed into the hollow of an applicator that super-cools it. While it’s uncomfortable at first, the area gets numb quickly. The injured fat cells are eliminated by the body in four to six months, and on average the fat reduces by 20 percent.

Also, You Can Zap Those Lumps Away
Vanquish, aka radiofrequency lipolysis, is an FDA-approved procedure for the stomach and thighs. These are areas where many women report stubborn layers of fat just under the skin that don’t go away, no matter how many crunches they nail. In this, an applicator hovers just over your skin and heats the fatty area for 45 minutes to kill the fat cells. The effect is cumulative, so it takes four sessions spaced a week apart.

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Try Laser Beam Cellulite Reduction
Laser lipolysis, which is marketed as SculpSure, uses lasers that penetrate (without breaking) the skin to heat and kill fat cells. It takes 25 minutes per session, and one session may be enough to spot reduce—the results begin to show at six weeks.

And then there’s Lights, Suction, Action
Infrared light, vacuum massage and even ultrasound are other non-invasive therapies that are used, but these methods require more frequent visits and don’t promise to actually kill fat cells, just reduce the appearance of cellulite. According to Dr. Steven Ip, a plastic surgeon who practices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, there’s been increased popularity in getting the biggest effect for the littlest amount of effort. “In general, when there’s a procedure that requires six visits or more, it’s not that effective,” he says.

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