Hollywood’s Denis De Souza is a go-to celeb prettifier. (You don’t get a nickname like “the King of Color” for nothing.) We caught up with him at his West Hollywood salon, Mare, to ask him for the looks and techniques he’s feeling on his starry clientele. (And yes, you can totally use this as a handy cheat sheet to bring to your salon.)

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Consider lowlights like Brie Larson

When De Souza first started doing Larson’s hair, the blonde was very one-dimensional. He transitioned her to a more natural-looking multidimensional color using lowlights, highlights and tapping her base to create depth.

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Go for a big change like Mila Kunis

Your cut and color should work together to bring out the best in each other. When Kunis came to Mare salon, she met with colorist De Souza and his partner, hairstylist Mara Roszak, to talk through a whole new look. Roszak cut Kunis’s long hair into this fresh, chic bob, and De Souza carefully placed accent highlights to make the cut really pop.

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Highlight Around Your Face like Sasha Alexander

Add strategically placed highlights around the face if you’re after a softer appearance and more youthful look, like here on Sasha Alexander.

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Go Bold Platinum Like Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson’s platinum-blonde curtain of hair is pretty much the platonic ideal of a bombshell mane. De Souza had long highlighted her hair, but recently bleached and toned the actress-singer into a cool, pearly hue.

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Go for sun-kissed highlights like Gisele

While De Souza hasn’t done Bündchen’s hair, she’s on his wish list. He admires the soft, subtle lights she keeps throughout her flowing mane.

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