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We love getting glammed up as much as the next gal (oh hey there, double-winged kitten eye). But sometimes we just feel like going au naturel—or maybe it’s because we slept through our alarm clock. Either way, these 14 stunning celebs sporting the barefaced look are inspiration enough to try it out ourself.

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Katie Holmes

Must be all that Creek water.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Or that organic, holistic, all-green-everything lifestyle.

Gabrielle Union

Some people seem to age backward.

Salma Hayek

Exhibit B of the reverse-aging superhuman.

Gwen Stefani

Even without her signature red pout, there’s (ahem) no doubt that Gwen is still absolutely stunning.

Alicia Keys

All hail, the no makeup queen.

Gigi Hadid

Well, at least she’s in a tattered shirt...even if it is cool and totally intentional.

Bella Hadid

These girls have really (really) good genes.

Cindy Crawford

This is 50. Let that sink in for a minute.

Sharon Stone

And this is 58. (Brb, bathing in sunscreen.)

Laverne Cox

Sorry, got distracted by those cheekbones.

Amy Schumer

Just living her best life.

Lady Gaga

No makeup selfie? Piece of cake.

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