Um, Theres Now a Sheet Mask for Your Boobs
John Shearer/Getty Images

It all started with those Hannibal Lecter-looking face masks. Then came the under-eye patches, lip masks and plastic booties that promise baby-soft feet. Which brings us to the latest skin-care craze to hit the states: boob masks.

Yup. One-and-done disposable masks that are made to fit your bazoombas. 

Just like the facial sheet masks before them, these pasties-shaped versions are packed with ingredients that brighten and tighten the skin. And at 12 bucks a pop, they’re just as affordable.

Using them is pretty straightforward. Simply place one over each of your breasts and sit back while the serum sinks into the delicate skin around your nipples. After 15 to 30 minutes, peel them off to reveal major softness beneath. With winter upon us, we can’t help but think…why not?

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