6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know a Bobby Pin Could Do

Bobby pins: we use them for updos—and lose them like it’s our job. Who would have thought that these little metal thingamabobs would be our most prized possessions? Well, get ready to love them even more, because we’ve rounded up six game-changing ways to use ‘em like a pro.

First of All, Make Sure You’re Using Them the Right Way

Believe it or not, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Mind. Blown.

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Then Use Them to Create a Flawless Cat Eye

When you don’t have a Post-It handy, a bobby is a shaky hand’s saving grace.

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And Apply Eyelash Glue

The perfect amount of glue, every single time. (Bonus: no sticky fingers.)

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Give Them More Grip

Those suckers aren’t going anywhere with this two-second fix.

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Turn Them Into a Barette

Basically art. And totally genius.

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And Finally, Use Them as Your Secret Weapon to Jazz Up a Braid

Consider your typical fishtail one-upped.

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