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The Trick to Finding Your Perfect Shade of Blush Is Inside Your Mouth
John Shearer/Getty Images

Finding the most natural shade of blush can be an overwhelming process. Do you have cool or warm undertones? Is your skin more olive or bronze? Fortunately, we’ve got a super-easy trick for finally pinning down your perfect shade without all of the confusion. 

What you do: Stand in front of a mirror and gently pull down your lower lip. Now match the color you see along the inside of your lip to your blush and ta-da! That’s it.

Why it works: The color on the inside of your bottom lip is slightly different from the rest of your complexion, but still compliments it. For example, if you’re on the fair side and your inner lip is pink, a similar shade of blush will work for you.

So yes, you might look like a weirdo pulling your lip down in the middle of a crowded Sephora, but at least you’ll never end up with the wrong shade of blush again.

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