You know how the right lighting or Instagram filter can make everything (we’re talking fine lines, large pores, the whole nine) look a little less harsh? Well, we’ve finally found the beauty product equivalent of that.

They’re called blur creams, and they’re pretty much the best thing that’s happened to our skin since, um, youth.

So, what exactly are they? Well, just as the name suggests, they blur or soften little imperfections on your skin using tiny light-diffusing particles. And though they often come in cream form, we’re partial to this handy stick from Milk Makeup because it’s easier to use on the go. Regardless of what kind you use, most blur creams (or sticks) are colorless—so you never have to worry about matching your shade.

Great, so how do we use them? Just swipe a few stripes down the center of your face and blend out with your fingers. (It’s always better to start light and build as needed.) Wear alone on those days when you just want to look polished enough to, say, hit the farmers' market. Or wear it underneath makeup for a smooth, almost airbrushed finish on days when you need a little more coverage. (It's great for midday touch-ups, too. Simply apply it over your existing makeup to freshen things up.)

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