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The Blonde Wand Is Every Bit as Magical as It Sounds

Anyone who’s had their hair colored before knows that it’s a relatively time-consuming process. Depending on how light you’re trying to go, it can take up to several hours.

Then we heard about the Blonde Wand, a hair-lightening tool from Pravana that’s supposed to process dye at crazy-fast speeds. We’re talking up to seven levels (so from a light brown to a pale blonde) in seconds.

How it works: Your colorist starts off by applying a special lightening cream, which is meant to be used with the wand. Then highlights are brushed on and covered with foil as normal. But instead of you sitting under a heated dryer, the colorist glides the wand over the foils.

Why it’s better: The lightening cream and the heat from the wand help to process the dye quickly. Since the dye doesn’t sit on your hair as long, there’s less damage overall. 

How to get it: The Blonde Wand launches in select salons beginning in October so check the company’s site to find one near you. (Or, ya know, bribe your local stylist to get on board.)

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