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It’s time to tweeze. Those normally neatly arched brows are veering into Very Hungry Caterpillar territory. You pull out your trusty magnifying mirror (or you smoosh your nose to your bathroom mirror) and begin plucking those little suckers, right? 

Tip: Ditch the magnifying mirror, stat.

Why: It makes you see hairs before they’re actually ready to come out. Not only does this lead to over-plucking, but it also could result in ingrown hairs on your face

What to do instead: Take a step back and look at the whole picture so you can really see what needs to be cleaned up. Once you’ve assessed the situation, go in with the tweezers and pluck conservatively. Hairs that are ready to go should slide out easily with one tug. If you have to pick at it, it needs a few more days. No one will notice those tiny strays—you didn’t from a few feet back.

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