The Best Summer Fragrance for Every Zodiac Sign

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Summer is a magical, rejuvenating time of year…especially if you’ve been hibernating since October. It’s time to open windows, plant some greenery and hit refresh. There’s no better way to embrace Gemini season than by spritzing on a new scent as you waltz out the door. Whether you live life as a fire, earth, water or air sign, we’ve got the perfect fragrance for you.

bellflower tangerine pink pepper

Aries: Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Eau De Toilette By Korres

This is an energizing fragrance with notes of delicate bellflower, rosy pepper and juicy tangerine, fitting scents for the always-eager and fiery Aries. Wear this dynamic scent to evoke those early moments of spring when the sun heats up and devours the snow.

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Taurus: CÉdrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue By Atelier

Not too earthy and not too airy, this cologne is grounded in caramel tonka bean and woodsy elemi (think pine and coriander). But at first spritz, the crisp mint, elegant basil and tangy bergamot stand out. It’s definitely earthy, yet unique enough for the rational and inventive Taurus.

Gemini: Sinner By Kat Von D Beauty

There’s never a dull moment with you, Gemini—which is why you’ll love the mix of jasmine and orange blossom in Kat Von D’s cult classic perfume. Always unexpected, this one features luscious plum, layered with vanilla, cinnamon and a base of vetiver.

Cancer: Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Eau De Toilette By Hermès

Translated, the name of this perfume means “a garden on the Nile” in French. Um, sounds like an ideal setting for sensitive, mysterious Cancers. Hermès blends together rich sycamore wood and incense with light, enchanting lotus blossoms and green mango for an aroma thoughtful Cancers will find comforting.

Leo: Black Opium Eau De Parfum By Yves Saint Laurent

As if the name Black Opium doesn’t give it away, this parfum is unapologetically dramatic. Sound like any Leos you know? Hold nothing back while wearing notes of coffee and patchouli, with bursts of orange blossom and pear screaming through. It’s a chaotic fragrance, but there’s a composed sense of purpose lurking below.

virgo perfume

Virgo: In Full Bloom By Kate Spade

Peachy cedar and dewy greens are perfect matches for a Virgo’s earthy practicality, while crisp lemon and bright lotus evoke a more playful, charming side. This fragrance is warm without getting too heavy—like a Virgo in a light denim jacket.

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Libra: Clean Air Eau De Parfum

Sweetly social creatures, Libras will gravitate toward this scent’s flirty freesia and airy peony. The florals are cut with the spiced citrus of bergamot and lush greens for a graceful but straightforward parfum.

Scorpio: Acqua Di Gioia Eau De Parfum By Giorgio Armani

Labdanum and cedar add an earthy vibe to this otherwise cool seaside fragrance. There are plenty of florals, like peony and tropical jasmine, but it’s the zesty lemon and surprising mint that will really bring out a Scorpio’s passion and bravery.

sagittarius perfume

Sagittarius: Light Blue Sun Eau De Toilette By Dolce & Gabbana

With its seductive, peachy fragrance, no flower better captures the essence of a fiery Sagittarius than the frangipani. This perfume also boasts an infusion of coconut water and Granny Smith apple, two unique bursts of optimism for this exceptional springtime aura.

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Capricorn: Flora Glorious Mandarin Eau De Toilette By Gucci

Skeptical Capricorns need only get a whiff of this refined woodsy essence to know it was made for them. Notes of mandarin orange and piña colada may hint at summertime, but musky peony and jasmine feel like spring. Capricorns are trendsetters on their own schedules anyway, so they’ll wear what they want, when they want.

loccitane verbana perfume

Aquarius: Verbena Eau De Toilette By L’occitane

Verbena, a grassy citrus scent, seems made for Aquarians in the spring. An imaginative concoction, this fragrance incorporates notes of geranium and lemon tree for a rejuvenating, sunny spritz.

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Pisces: Wood Sage And Sea Salt By Jo Malone

Herbaceous sage and warm ambrette mixed with cool seaweed and fresh sea salt pretty much sum up Pisces in a nutshell: wise, fluid, intuitive. A hint of tangy grapefruit is in there too, because this water sign has to keep people guessing.