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There are a million hair products out there. And between all of the volumizing shampoos and shine serums and texturizing sprays, it’s hard to differentiate what you really need from what you can skip. Here, a single suggestion for every hair type.

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Shen Beauty

Best for Fine, Straight Hair

Luckily for you, it doesn’t usually take much to get your hair to behave. But sometimes it falls on the lackluster end of the spectrum. Add a few drops of Verb's lightweight Ghost Oil to damp strands (making sure to avoid the roots) for a shinier, more lively finish.

Verb ($16)


Best for Thick, Unruly Hair

For you, it’s all about manageability. You have a ton of hair that has a mind of its own, but you don’t always have the time (or patience) to style it. Hairstory's leave-in balm makes it possible to get soft, piece-y texture without having to lift a single tool. Work it through just-washed hair and let it do its thing.

Hairstory ($36)


Best for Easily Oily Hair

You wash your hair in the morning—and by lunch, it’s already starting to look a bit slick around the crown. Though you’re probably already well acquainted with dry shampoo, this one is especially good for those prone to getting greasy. Why? It's got nettle extract (which regulates oil production) and rice starch (which absorbs excess oil). Just make sure you’re using it correctly.

Klorane ($20)

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shu uemura
Shu Uemura

Best for Dry, Over-Processed Hair

Whether it’s from constantly bleaching your strands or being a tad too reliant on your curling iron, things are feeling a bit brittle. Shake up this nourishing serum (it’s packed with vitamin E and moringa oils) and mist liberally all over to add back moisture.

Shu Uemura ($38)

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Best for Curly Hair

You want definition but nothing crunchy. A small scoop of DevaCurl Styling Cream will smooth strands into bouncy ringlets. Gently rake it through damp hair and scrunch upward for more bounce—or glide your hands downward to stretch out the coils. 

DevaCurl ($26)


Best for Gray Hair

Suds up with a purple-tinted shampoo regularly (at least twice a week) to keep your silvery locks from turning that dreaded dishwater-blonde hue. R+Co uses coconut to gently cleanse without stripping strands of moisture (key for gray-haired ladies).

R+Co ($29)

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