Pikachu Shampoo and Other Beauty Buys We’re Excited About This Month

From an itty-bitty face roller to a lip oil gloss (it’s a thing), we try a lot of products each month. Of course, not all of them are winners. Some of them have led to breakouts—but others are breakout stars. Here are six that have made the most difference in our day-to-day routines this month.

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november beauty buys kosas wet lip oil gloss
Kosas Cosmetics

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss

Remember those roller ball lip oils we wore as tweens? This is the more, shall we say, elevated version. With clean, hydrating ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter and evening primrose oil and no stickiness or saccharine flavor, it’s truly a treat for the lips. Choose from clear or one of four shades (but if you need a tie-breaker, our money is on “Fruitjuice,” which is a vibrant magenta that wakes up your entire face when you put it on).

november beauty buys shu uemura art of hair x poke 769 mon cleansing oil gentle radiance cleanser shampoo
Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair X Pokémon Cleansing Oil Gentle Radiance Cleanser Shampoo

Fans of Pokémon will love this limited-edition collection of Pikachu-adorned luxury haircare. Fans of good hair will enjoy this gentle shampoo for its light, but undeniably delightful yuzu scent and the way it makes your strands clean and buoyant after every wash. (Fans of wordplay will appreciate that the Pikachu on the packaging goes by the name “Pikashu.”)

Buy It ($57)

november beauty buys ne 769 cessaire the body exfoliator in eucalyptus

Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator In Eucalyptus

Imagine a bare tree whose leaves have just fallen off. It’s pale and dry and a little grey. That’s exactly what our limbs start to look like this time of year. Enter this hydrating body scrub. Once a week, we massage it over our sad skin and it transforms things from pale and dry and a little grey to smooth and silky and dare we say bright? Plus, we like that we don’t have to dip our fingers into a messy tub of scrub anymore.

november beauty buys patrick ta monochrome moment velvet blush

Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment Velvet Blush

After launching his eponymous beauty brand to much fanfare earlier this year, makeup artist Patrick Ta (you’ve seen his work on Gigi Hadid and Olivia Munn) is expanding the line with monochrome lip and cheek products that are easy-to-use and endlessly flattering. Of note is the ‘velvet blush,’ which is aptly named considering its sumptuously silky texture that blends—nay, melts—into your skin as soon as you brush it on.

november beauty buys jenny patinkin rose on rose face roller petite
Credo Beauty

Jenny Patinkin Rose On Rose Face Roller Petite

Guys: You know we’re big fans of face rolling here. Post-flight, post-drinks, post-salty dinners: It’s helped deflate our puffy mugs on many a morning and it just feels so darn good. So when we came across this itty bitty roller (it’s not much bigger than a lighter), well, we were enamored because a) look at it b) the smaller size is actually very handy for targeting smaller areas around the eyes and mouth and c) it comes with this chic croc-embossed pouch (that we’ve since repurposed as a carryall for keys and mints and all of those miscellaneous things that usually roll around in your purse).

november beauty buys henne 769 organics lip tint

Henné Organics Lip Tint In "bare"

Confession: We love lip balm and will try almost every single one we come across. That said, the number of balms that actually stay in our permanent rotation are very limited. We’re talking two to three max here. This one by Henné Organics makes the cut for its buttery, but somehow not greasy texture and barely-there tint that looks good on anyone.

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